Back to the darkness of Innistrad...

Shadows over Innistrad release is just around the corner, and new cards arrive by official and unofficial means to us every day. A very early leak of several cards revealed the existence of two new tokens, and we did not hesitate. So what can you expect in two weeks?


So far we know just two cards that create devils, but we can assume there will be more. A stylish she-devil brings for the sinners a trusty pitchfork, a traditional equipment of devils from Czech fairytales and myths.





This artifact token was a kind of early shot in the dark, but with every passing day it seems we hit a bullseye! The Investigate ability seems to be very important and there are already strong hints of an entire draft strategy based on it. Our steampunk girl certainly investigates a lot!




Some time ago, a new version of Sorin brought along a new token and the "older" one was obsoleted. Luckily not for long, because the Lord is still popular, among others thanks to the Sorin vs Tibalt duel decks. So our vampire girl sits on her throne and sips blood from her crystal cup...maybe waiting for a knight to come?




Zendikar will be around for some months more. Along with it the kor, brave warriors and masters of hooks that can get them even to the most inaccesible places.




Those who like the kit sets won't be disappointed this year as well. This Myr is waiting for you already in March and April, then Pegasus will come in May! Go to the events, because you cannot get these pretty things in other way - except from the victors. But only if they would want to trade or sell them... Would you like to have your own foil Myr or Pegasus, but your shop does not offer these kits? Ask your local store to buy one quickly!








Where to order?

All tokens and kits will be available in our portfolio at the MKM portal or from our business partners all across the Europe. If you are a shop owner and you are interested in wholesale and WPN kits, you can contact us or buy them from the biggest European distributor ADC Blackfire.