Collector's edition - Xmass 2015

Since we started making foil tokens last year, you players asked us for non-foil versions too. Listening to you, this spring we created the Collector’s Edition: Easter which brought you 20 different tokens plus one as bonus - all regular versions. Because our portfolio reached more than 50 different tokens in the meantime, we are coming with the second Collector’s Edition and another 20 tokens in regular form. And of course - with special Xmas bonus.




Xmas is an international holiday, probably more known that Easter. When we looked for special token to make, we saw two options – a Xmas themed Goblin or a Plant. And because we had not yet have the Plant in our roster, the decision was easy. But like in the case of Voja or Sliver, the Plant has also a classic illustration, not a manga one. Well, OK, maybe that moon is not the same as you know :)




Collector’s Edition: Xmas 2015 is coming in limited printrun and it will be available soon at MKM and in your local stores, provided that they sell our products.

If they do not yet, don't hesitate to ask your favorite seller to order them from the European distributor ADC Blackfire.