The horrors on Innistrad are unfolding!


Eldritch Moon has been everything many people wished for and far more! What SOI only hinted at, EMN is going for in full power without holding anything back. Emrakul is back and Innistrad, where horrors are a part of the world's nature, is  simply perfect for her.


Not even churches are safe and sacred sanctuaries anymore. It depends who resides  - and what is prayed -  here.




Hanweir has fallen. Kind of. Now it's crawling around the landscape as a single writhing entity. Some of its inhabitants "escaped", only to become twisted images of their past selves.





The vampires finally realized that unless they get involved, there will soon be no one to drink blood from. It is time to toss lavish robes aside, don a real armor, and go to battle.




And now, let's leave the gloomy Innistrad for a warmer place, even with an occassional sunshine. And where young hunters (and above all, huntresses) have to keep a good eye on what they are currently hunting.




Those who like the kit sets won't be disappointed this year as well. Both Human and Boar are waiting for you already in July and August! Go to the events, because you cannot get these pretty things in other way - except from the victors. But only if they would want to trade or sell them... Would you like to have your own foil Human or Boar, but your shop does not offer these kits? Ask your local store to buy one quickly!




Where to order?

All tokens and kits will be available in our portfolio at the MKM portal or from our business partners all across the Europe. If you are a shop owner and you are interested in wholesale and WPN kits, you can contact us or buy them from the biggest European distributor ADC Blackfire.