Tokens now also in Mexico!

Mexico is a vast country and just in its capital - Mexico City - there are more people living than in the entire Czech Republic (our homeland). Mexico is well-known for its hard-to-confuse typical cuisine and it gained a worldwide renown thanks to the tequila, a spirit made from agave, that almost everybody knows about. Just in the capital itself, you can find dozens of specialised gaming stores and enthusiastic players.


"Each store has its faithful customers, the loyalty is astonishing," says Luis Gilberto Flores, the owner of the El Tabernáculo shop. Luis is also the man who contacted us with the interest of getting the rights to be an exclusive distributor of our products in Mexico. And he got them.


The tokens were introduced in a very stylish and fitting way. The biggest Mexican shop, the Shivan Store, celebrated 20 years of existence past weekend, and the celebrations included also several tournament events. Our tokens were included in the prizes.






But there is more! On November 21st, another event will take place. It will be unique thanks to the fact that the players can win one of the unique playmats (only 8 pieces in total were produced!) and get the very limited Snake token with the motif of Mayan feathered serpent-god Kukulkan.