Viva la Revolt!

The thirteenth batch of tokens is here!

You will not exactly find this token on Kaladesh, but for the first time since Time Spiral, it got a couple of new friends here. Certain two brothers with their factories would rejoice anyway. :)





The Atarka dragons of Tarkir are not the only ones who enjoy eating a lot. And if you want to be a loving and caring (brood)mother, you will make sure you babies won’t ever be hungry.




Speaking of what, you needn’t to be a dragon to have really ravenous appetite. You won’t probably scare anyone on Kaladesh by threatening to "release a kraken". But THIS might be a wholly different story altogether ;)




The mastermind behind Kaladesh’s darker side was shown to be nobody other than our arrogant and scheming old acquaintance, the glorious bastard Tezzeret. He learned a few new tricks along the line, not the last of which is manufacturing his own mana-power cells for later use.




Last but not least, the January/February WPN kits once again offer not one, but TWO tokens at once. This time they are coming from one quite hard-to-get-rid-of gelatinous thing…




With the exception of the Assembly-Worker, the new tokens are illustrated by a new member of our artist team, Nina Sommer a.k.a. Ninaha Kazuko, who we sincerely welcome among us. She is also the author of the March/April WPN kit illustration, featuring one peculiar cat ;-)




Where to order?

All tokens and kits will be available in our portfolio at the MKM portal or from our business partners all across the Europe. If you are a shop owner and you are interested in wholesale and WPN kits, you can contact us or buy them from the biggest European distributor ADC Blackfire.