About us 

We specialize primarily in production of tokens usable for Magic: The Gathering in both foil and classical versions as well as playmats. The majority of our production is in manga-style, that is very popular among players. 

The first four versions of regular tokens were created in January 2014 as bonus items for the Mysticshop.cz e-shop. Approximately 500 pcs of the first batch were given away very quickly and as a result the second batch was made. In August 2014 we started to experiment with foil tokens intended for sale. The first testing printrun was made for 9 different tokens, 1000 pcs in total. In September, the third batch of tokens was released and the foil printing technique was improved. Besides the Magiccardmarket.eu portal, the tokens were for the first time made available for sale at the Grand Prix Stockholm through partner shop MTG Madness. Even before the end of the year, in November and December, the partner vendor network grew to 8 vendors across the Europe. In 2014, a total of about 18.000 tokens was produced and sold (or handed out).

In January 2015 we entered a collaboration with ADC Blackfire Entertainment, the biggest European MTG distributor, who expressed an interest in our products. The portfolio was expanded by several items in limited printrun and above all, by the support kits for WPN shops. The number of partner vendors exceeded twenty and the number of tokens sold exceeded 20.000...in only the first two months of the year. Our objective is to expand our production by further game supplies and to make our products available to players beyond European boundaries.