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5. 2. 2020

Are you a fan of us and are our tokens an essential part of your games? Help us to reach more players and we will reward you for that! Announcing - the ambassador programme.

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In the past year we tried various ways and means to reach to more players and collectors. And we realized that instead of paying for advertising to social media or google, we would like to offer these resources to you directly - our customers and fans who are willing to accept the role of ambassador. An ambassador si someone who advertises a product in an unobtrusive way - in this case that means our tokens, playmats and any other future products.



The ambassador should actively take part in the community. Visits to big events or major events abroad welcome. If you use social media as well and you have many fans and followers, it is another way to reach more potential customers without leaving from keyboard. Besides players, you can also motivate your favorite vendors. Show the owners how popular our products are and how they can broaden their portfolio of offered products in an interesting way.



Each ambassador is given a special account and an unique code. When a new order comes and this code will be included, we will recognize it as the result of work of a particular ambassador and two things happen. Your account will be awarded amount of money equal to 4% of the order total if it is a normal customer, and 2% in case of wholesale partner. This customer also receives an unique token that is not freely available for purchase! Besides this bonus you can also receive vouchers for purchase at, of various value, and all this just for being active on social media. The value of the reward is dependent on your level of initiative and is evaluated individually.


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Does our offer of collaboration sound good to you and  would you like to become our ambassador? Send us an e-mail  (or use the contact form)  where you introduce yourself. Tell us where you are from and shortly describe your capabilties. And then just wait for our reply.


New at store

PROMO Centaur gamekit playmat


32.99 $

+ -
PROMO Ooze gamekit playmat

PROMO Ooze gamekit playmat

Artist: AKUMAN
Code: prm049


32.99 $

+ -
Elk MTG token 3/3

Elk MTG token 3/3

Artist: LindaUsagi
Code: usa072


1.49 $

+ -

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