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About the company

The first tokens for Magic: the Gathering were printed by the Czech e-shop in 2014. They were made in popular Japanese manga style and were sent to customers as thank you gifts for their purchases.

We gradually expanded the portfolio by foil versions of tokens, playmats and gaming kits for Organized Play support. Thanks to the partner stores and the distributor ADC Blackfire GmbH, people soon played with our tokens literally all over the world.

The success of our tokens brought us in 2018 to founding our own specialized e-shop. sells own tokens as well as tokens from other authors and manufacturers. We offer services to players, organizers and vendors not only with MTG. At the same time, we offer collaboration to talented artists and illustrators who are equally enthusiastic fans of Magic: the Gathering as us.

We keep expanding the product portfolio and we are looking forward to the day when really anyone who comes finds something for him or her here.


Knut S., Germany

"These are the best tokens for MTG. Great quality that add lots of flavor to the game."

Martin Jeřábek, Czech Republic

"These tokens are simply awesome. Ideal for any MTG player who wants to enliven their deck by using other than traditional tokens."

Tyler Popp, United states

"I really enjoy the tokens! The foil looks very nice and the cards are durable and high quality. The art is very cute and quite original"

Eric Peterson, United states

"I love the full art look and they are just overall a better quality token. I play a lot of edh and so having custom tokens with awesome art is something I love doing for my commander decks."