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Enjoy Christmas gifts from us!

30. 11. 2023

Christmas is coming again and we have prepared a bunch of gifts for you in the form of special tokens!

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Our first giveaway comes at the same time as a whole new line of tokens. Welcome Alfie! Not only do the tokens have 80's style illustrations, but they are printed on special recycled eco paper with cotton. The retro feel of them is perfect... And there are actually a lot of them! To celebrate the introduction to our store, we had one of them printed in foil! It will appear in your cart as a gift item with every order of Alfie tokens of at least 20 EUR / USD or 500 CZK.




Did you miss out on getting one of our unique Golden Dragon manga tokens last year? This year there are two for you! We will reward you with the regular version when you order any manga-themed products of at least 20 EUR / USD or 500 CZK. However, if you plan to spend at least 30 EUR / USD or 750 CZK, her foil sister will also peek out at you when you unpack your order.


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Do you like Cats & Cantrips tokens? I'm sure you do, because who doesn't love cute animals? Leah was kind enough to draw one token especially for us. Actually, it's more for you, because this unique Copy has only one purpose - so we can reward you! As in the previous cases, you will get it only for spending at least 20 EUR / USD or 500 CZK on stuff from the great artist Leah Anderson.




Halloween may be long gone, but if you enjoy a dark and spooky atmosphere, you can rejoice. The next gift is a foil Spirit token from DeadRat ART. And even though much of the token's surface is black and white, you'll be surprised how great it looks in foil form! And we don't change the conditions to get it here either, you just need to spend at least 20 EUR / USD or 500 CZK on tokens, life pads or a playmat from this artist.




And we'll round off the Christmas gifting with another token you wouldn't otherwise get in foil form. This is a Treasure token from Eugene Lim, an artist you'll love if you like a bit of a crazy style of drawing. And as you can probably guess, you'll get the token if you spend at least 20 EUR / USD or 500 CZK on Eugene's products.




You can get Christmas gifts with all orders you send us before December 31st, and of course they can be combined. You can even get all six tokens in one shipment!


On behalf of the Tokens For MTG team, we wish you a Merry Christmas and lots of (not only) gaming fun in the New Year!


New at store

Varmint MTG token 2/1

Varmint MTG token 2/1

Artist: Leah Andersen
Code: lea626


1.49 $

+ -
Dragon Elemental MTG token 4/4


1.49 $

+ -
Ox MTG token 2/2

Ox MTG token 2/2

Artist: Peter Mohrbacher
Code: pmo328


2.99 $

+ -

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