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Words of Art: Baerthe

8. 6. 2021

I'd love for my business to grow more and become very stable, says graphics artist Baerthe.

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Please, introduce yourself shortly.

Hello, I'm Baerthe (Bear-th') and I'm a digital graphics artist from Portland, Oregon, down here in the ol' USA. Primarily my art is done through this tag, to better separate it from my other work. I have been working with graphics and art for nearly seven years now with five of those being full-time under my freelance studio. I quite enjoy card games and hanging out in the rain forests around my city with my partner.


How long have you been drawing?

About fifteen years, but in the last five years I have been focusing less on drawing and sketching and more on direct concepts. I work wholly in a digital medium, so I find doing quick prototypes works better for my art style than drawing does. I guess I'm moving more towards something similar to modeling/3D sculpting but in 2D.


What is your favorite drawing theme?

I quite enjoy flat styles, especially things like ornate band posters and old 50s to 70s state/propaganda posters, these styles have such limited use of color but such great detail.




How did you start with Magic: the Gathering?

I started during Scars of Mirrodin back around while I was in middle school and then stopped playing in high school for lack of money. After that, I picked it back up in college because a lot of my classmates actually played and I had a larger amount of income from my student funds. It was around the time that I graduated that I really got into the game hardcore and started making my own fan content, this was around the time of Shadow over Innistrad.


Which set is your most favorite and why?

Well, I happen to really like the Ixalan block for its interesting take on vampires. In it, they are basically Catholic Spanish Conquistador, which is quite the weird take on them, but I found that it worked really well and set up an interesting narrative.


When did you think of starting to create your own tokens?

Around four years ago, primarily just as a fun side project but people really wanted to buy them. 




Do you have a goal you would like to achieve?

I'd love for my business to grow more and become very stable, but alas, we shall see :)


Do you accept commissions?

I do accept commissions and I have a rough costs table on my website detailing common projects. Currently, I'm open to both larger contracts and smaller more hobby-oriented commissions.


Many beginning artists do not know much about self-presentation and how to attract new customers. What would you advise them?

​I always advise people to keep creating even if others don't seem to like your creation; seeking feedback is important but it is also equally important to not take things personally. 


Where can people see your arts and reach you?

People can check out a lot of my content and out-links on my studio website, but I am also very active on Twitter.



Thanks for your time, Baerthe, we look forward to your next tokens!


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