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Now we have sleeves too!

24. 3. 2022

In collaboration with popular cartoonist Leah Andersen and thanks to the well-known manufacturer Dragon Shield, we present to you our very own playing card sleeves!

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We are happy to announce that after tokens, counters and playmats, we have expanded our offer to include sleeves.

We probably don't need to introduce the Dragon Shield brand, because this Danish manufacturer has been selling its "dragon" covers all over the world for several years now, and players appreciate its products not only for their design, but above all for their undeniable quality.

We tried its "sleeve crafter" service, where you can put your own design on the covers. A photo of your pet, girlfriend/boyfriend or whatever you like at the time and it doesn't infringe on a third party's copyright. In our case, it's artist Leah Andersen's popular cartoon cat characters that will make all her fans happy, especially those who still cherish Dungeon & Dragons. Nine different covers represent the nine classes of characters from this game. And they are super cute!



The sleeves are now available exclusively in our shop and only in limited quantities. If there turns out to be a real demand for them, we would like to gradually add more, this time with manga arts from our tokens.


New at store

Zombie Rogue MTG token 2/2


2.29 $

+ -
Plant Warrior MTG token 4/2


2.99 $

+ -
Energy MTG token

Energy MTG token

Artist: Alfie
Code: aad260


1.99 $

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